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Rocks vs. Boulders vs. Rip Rap...?

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1 Rocks vs. Boulders vs. Rip Rap...? on Sun May 23, 2010 4:13 am

Ok, Folsom is full of "rocks" right? I know because I have lost more baits than caught fish there, but the question is...

What rocks are "good" rocks to fish?

Granite Bay, Beals, and the West side seem to be full of round, large, granite boulders in isolated piles on otherwise sandy bottom. Folsom Point and the South Fork seem to have jagged, smaller sized rocks and shale mixed in with gravel(at least these are my observations when the water was really low last fall). And of course, there is plenty of rip rap along the many dykes...

Do they all hold fish? When are conditions right for each type? How are each type most effectively fished? Should I just expect to lose my jigs/dartheads/bottom contacting lures every few casts or how can I spend more time fishing and less time retying on new baits!

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2 Rocks???? on Thu May 27, 2010 4:08 pm

Chris...most rocks will hold some type of fish..the type of rock determines what to throw at them...small rock tends to hide rap will hold small fish and some crawdads...the large boulders are pure ambush spots,use cranks,swimbaits and topwater. Thats not tosay you cant catch fish on big boulders using a crawdad type bait, bass are oppertunistic and if its there they will eat it. Think about the time of year too...we are in spring going into summer..bass are starting to look for bait balls of small fry which will be roaming open water, start looking for the large rockpiles near the spawning flats ie. Mooney ridge /granite bay/rock gardens...As the boat traffic starts to pick up look for mudlines as abush spots for either jigs or cranks...Winter time focus on the smaller rock piles and cobble areas with the darterhead..... If you are breaking off alot go up a size or two in line...ive been using alot of 10 and 12# line without any problem...tight lines

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