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Guidelines for Club Tournament Directors

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1 Guidelines for Club Tournament Directors on Wed May 26, 2010 4:13 pm


The following are guidelines for those who volunteer to be tournament directors for the School of Bass Club turkey shoots. TDs, you may want to print a copy of these guidelines and take them with you.

Monthly Turkey Shoot fees: $10 per person for members, $20 per person for guests. Guests can pay the $25 membership fee and instantly qualify for club rates.

Mini Turkey Shoot fees: free

Cash and checks: We prefer cash for the tournament fees but we will take checks. Since we do not maintain a club bank account, checks should be made payable to the TD with a note "Tournament fees" or "2010 membership fees" as appropriate.

Big fish pot: Any optional Big Fish Pot money that is collected is totally separate from the club fees and considered outside of our organized event. Please keep separate track of the big fish money since all of it will be given to the winner.

Club insurance: The club carries a liability insurance policy that covers up to 50 members + guests at each event. A copy of the policy will be available on the TD clipboard if anyone asks.

Liability Release Agreement: ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST HAVE A SIGNED LIABILITY RELEASE AGREEMENT ON FILE WITH THE CLUB. NO EXCEPTIONS. The club roster printout will show if they have already signed one.

Sharing knowledge: After weigh-in for every turkey shoot, always gather in the parking lot and share how everyone caught their fish. This is a big part of our fishing events.

Tackle drawing: After weigh-in for every monthly turkey shoot, if we have 5 or more boats participating then conduct the West Marine Tackle Drawing. Unless we have announced otherwise, the order of drawing was the order of the event signups.

When the TD boat can launch: you should plan to stick around for 15 minutes past the announced launch time. After that, you're good to go!

On the water weigh-in: as TD you have the ability to specify where you want the weigh-in to be.
When you use the scale on a rocking boat with fish kicking around, it can be very difficult to get a stable reading. Do your best to take an "average" of the changing scale readings.


1. Club clipboard with
* Printout of turkey shoot signups from website page (so you know the order for the tackle drawing)
* Printout of latest Club Roster
* Blank Tournament score sheet
2. Club Berkley scale
3. Club weigh bag
4. Cash for change ($50 in $5's and $10's should do it)
5. Tackle drawing items from West Marine (blue bag)

If you think of other things that should be added to this, post them here.

Chris B.
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