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Club meeting this Wed. Questions for you members

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I just sent a reminder email about our next club meeting this Wed (June 9). Main topic is changes to our tournament schedule and what we can do to improve turnout.

Not happy with turnout. Just so everyone knows where my head is at on the subject, turnout for our monthly and mini turkey shoots has been far short of my expectations. From what I hear from all of you, everyone is very busy and just can't make many events. I'll be honest: if we can't attract 8-10 boats minimum (member + guest boats) for the monthly shoots, and at least 5-6 boats for the mini-shoots then I just don't feel it is worth my time. So, we need roughly twice the number of boats to come out to reach this goal.

Here are a few ideas we can discuss. Maybe you have others to add:

1. Have far fewer events, like a turkey shoot every 2 months and a mini-shoot maybe once a month.

2. Only schedule a turkey shoot when 10 boats sign up (this would allow up to 2 boats to cancel and still leave us with 8 boats).

3. Switch back to voting each month for where and when you want to fish.

4. Have someone other than me run all our turkey shoots who doesn't care how many boats come out.

If you cannot attend the Wed meeting and you are reading this post, you really should take the time and offer your suggestions in a reply post here.

If you read this post and can't come to the meeting and if you don't post here what you want, then I'll assume you don't have any free time for club events.

Chris B.
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I guess I will give my input on the subject and try not to upset anyone. I see very few people even show interest in the club. The meetings have the same faces month to month with a membership of 47 now and lucky to see 10-12 come to a meeting. I think we need to see how many members that even want to fish turkey shoots and what places thy like to fish. Everyone was all for the mini shoots but then never show up. I think all turkey shoots should be moved back to folsom until the members can figure out what they want. Hope to see a few faces at the meeting
cheers cheers

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