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Board meeting and remaining t-shoots this year

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We had our first-ever Board of Directors conference call on Monday. Went well, covered lots of ground. Here's a quick summary of what was discussed and decided.

Turkey shoot schedule: we decided to have the rest of these events at either Folsom or the Delta. Cheaper and closer to home should help attendance somewhat. See the changed schedule on the website. No t-shoot will be done in December.

Non turkey shoot club events: we discussed ideas for BBQ and educational events along the lines of what Chris Salcone has suggested. We're going to try very hard to not add dates to our already busy School of Bass calendar; rather, we want to try and double up on events. e.g. combine occasional club meetings and Tips classes on the same evening, etc. More on this as soon as the board appoints a Social Director for the club.

New member recruitment: We all agreed this was important but feel the need to have one club member manage these activities. More on this coming.

That's it for now. Questions and feedback welcome.

Chris B.
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Great beginning. Thanks Chris, and thanks new board!

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