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Fishing Folsom and Delta

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1 Fishing Folsom and Delta on Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:01 am

I fished Folsom on Thursday and the Delta on Friday, both days with Jim Crane. I landed two large mouths at Folsom, and one in the Delta, all on baby shad Senkos.

In Folsom we cranked, spun, chattered, dropped, swam, walked, dragged, and all manner of methods to attract fish, but the only thing that worked was the accidental Senko. By accidental, I mean just ignoring the line and then, when eventually picking it up, discovering whoops, there's a fish on. The water temp was still in the mid 50s and we weren't marking a lot of fish. Both catches were at around 8 feet, near the shore.

The Delta was like glass when we started at Walnut Grove Marina. The wind picked up a little during the day but it wasn't bad. The water was definitely moving fast though. We tried a variety of baits without a lot of success. About mid day I finally got a solid Senko strike on a fast drift, and somehow I managed to cast back to the same point and Mr. bass was still hungry. We had a few other strikes for the day, but that was our only catch. We eventually tried drifting minnows for stripers on second poles, then tried trolling, but we didn't see striper action.

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